About BLD

Our Focus


Balanced Living Development is a Boutique Real Estate Development Firm Based in NYC.

We deliver beautiful, integrated living environments that elevate and enhance the human experience. We’re focused on developing projects that are designed with extraordinary attention to detail to create great homes for buyers or renters. BLD uses only the highest quality architects and general contractors and has set new standards of excellence in housing design and construction.


Our Services


Balanced Living Development Oversees All Aspects of Real Estate Development, Including:

Site identification and property acquisition - Assembling of the development team - Pre-development coordination - Building design and construction document development - Securing of private financing and government subsidies - Construction supervision and project start-up - Ongoing asset management



Joint Ventures


Balanced Living Development Frequently Enters into Joint Ventures with Owners of Underutilized Properties, Investors, and Other Development Companies.

BLD can often assist a property owner realize the untapped potential of a vacant or underutilized property. For investors, BLD provides a vehicle with a strong record of success to achieve desirable returns through property acquisition and real estate development. In joint ventures with other developers, BLD works with its partners to best utilize the relative strengths of each partner to maximize value for all. BLD continually looks for partnership opportunities and encourage inquiries.